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Matt Bezark


Growing up near Chicago, I gained a great appreciation for glass in architecture.  Influenced in part by many visits to the Frank Lloyd Wright houses in the area, my exploration of glass design based on light and color began.  A move to the foothills of Colorado added nature to the forces that inspire me to create.  Building the Mountain Glassworks studio here has provided a place for this exploration to continue.


The immediacy, movement, fluidity, and drama inherent in working with hot glass captivates me.  This desire to work hot greatly influences my glass design.  Typically, decorative glass used in architecture is kiln cast or stained glass.  Instead of these techniques where the glass is cut or stacked while cold, I hand pour glass castings from molten glass that are used in place of the usual sheet glass.  Hand poured castings are very dynamic. Color and surface texture work is done while the glass is still hot and helps ensure the uniqueness of these works.


My Creations often include sculptural metal or wood elements to complete the composition.  One of my strengths is the ability to collaborate with other artists as well as architects and designers to exchange ideas and help a project become reality.


I have been working with glass since 1995, and built my own hot glass studio in 2001. 


Architectural Installations:


Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville, FL

Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, IL

Centro Latin Kitchen, Boulder, CO

Lola Restaurant, Denver, CO

Jax Fish House, Boulder, CO

Jax Fish House, Glendale, CO

Jax Fish House, Kansas City, MO

Numerous Residences in Colorado, Hawaii, Louisiana and New Mexico




Haskell Gallery Public Artist Group Show

October 2008 - January 2009, Jacksonville, FL


Christine Margurite Gallery

Two Person Show

May/June 2008, Boulder, CO


Sand/Soda Glass Invitational

May/June/July 2008, Boulder, CO


Boulder Open Studios Tour (Juried)

Weekends in October, 2003 - 2007, Boulder, CO




Guild Sourcebook of Architectural Art

Volume 22, Publish date October 2007

Volume 24, Publish date October 2009


Professional Organizations:


Glass Art Society Member Since 1997


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